Having grown up in a North London estate working in film always seemed an impossibility to me - it was always the posh boys game. This never stopped me dreaming, however. For hours I would watch the countless B movies and westerns on daytime TV, I was captivated by Disney animations such as Alladin and The Lion King, the awe of Jurassic Park and Close Encounters, and had the life scared out of my by Alien. Into my teens, I began to understand film more but this was still very much as an enthusiast. Films such as Taxi Driver changed my perception on how character could be defined, Pulp Fiction and Momento on how traditional story structures could be changed, and Natural Born Killers for how weird films could go. 


Like many others, I came into film in the 5dmkII generation, at the same time YouTube became a huge platform and editing software became affordable and available. For the first time, it was possible for anyone to film, edit and distribute their own work and from there on I got the itch. So in my early twenties, I left my career in hospitality management to embark on film.


I received a foundation distinction in Film, Media and Animation at The University For The Creative Arts and then went to study a BA in Film & Television at the Sir John Cass School for Art, Architecture, and design. In the second year of my BA, I co-produced and directed my first feature film Sleaford Mods - Invisible Britain. The film was successfully crowdfunded and went on to sell out cinemas across Europe.  


After graduating with a 1st, I continued developing my own web series Augury and acted as Director of Photography on the feature film UK18 directed by Andrew Tiernan. After the success of these, I have directed the again successfully crowd-funded feature film Scales wich is due for release in 2019.


I have worked alongside the best selling authors Jade Winters and Kiki Archer to develop their work into short films, the first of which Love on the Cards have received many screenings and won the Audience Award at the Palm Springs LGBTQ Festival.


In 2018 I was delighted to receive the Film Director of the Year award at the International Achievers Awards. 

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