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Wild Boars

Short Film

WILD BOARS is a story about confronting everything you hate from your past, for the sake of the future of someone you love.


After the death of her estranged mother, Nora knows that she has been left something in the will, something that could ensure the future for Nora, and her daughter Arabella. But to claim that future, Nora is forced to go back and face Artemis, her foster father, the man she ran away from, and the man who harbours many dark secrets - Taking Arabella with her for moral support, Nora travels to the scene of her past trauma for the sake of her daughter's future, and with the faint hope of discovering the fate of the only other person she loves.



Sleaford Mods - Invisible Britain

Feature Documentary

Sleaford Mods – Invisible Britain, part band doc, part look at the state of the nation, follows the band on their recent tour of the UK and visits places which probably don’t even exist in the minds of many – the neglected, broken down and boarded up parts of the UK that most would prefer to ignore.

Taking its cue from the likes of Patrick Keiller’s extraordinary Robinson Trilogy, the wanderings of Iain Sinclair, and J.G.Ballard’s comment “The future is just going to be a vast, conforming suburb of the soul”, the documentary is a combination of raw footage of the band, interviews with fans, and a look at what individuals and communities are doing to resist so-called austerity measures.

Sleaford Mods – Invisible Britain aims to tell the story of how the most relevant British band in years stuck two fingers up to the zeitgeist and gave voice to the pent up rage and anger at ineffectual politicians and their neglect of the institutions which underpin civilised society. 



Andrew Fearn (music) and Jason Williamson (words)

About the band

Sleaford Mods, a ranting, raving duo that seem to make sense of something there is no making sense of: a country that’s starting to look like a plastic surgery procedure gone wrong, where the face has been sewn on upside down and back to front, and no one understands what is what any more. Older, wiser and more pissed off by most of the music makers around at the moment – and rightfully disgusted by the betrayal of their peers, who boast about "Champagne in the bath" and tool up and down Hampstead Road in silver Mercs with Kate Moss in the back – Sleaford Mods have chimed with a generation who were promised ‘things can only get better’, only to see things get considerably worse than anyone can imagine.

Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn’s punky, beat-driven tunes have won over audiences and critics alike – and they’ve done it all on their own terms: connecting through the music, and through Williamson’s brilliantly demented, bitingly funny, addictive and unstoppable vitriol.

The Love Letter

Short Film

When an unopened love letter from 1945 ends up in the hands of a young couple, Phoebe and Faith, they not only make it their mission to deliver it to its originally intended recipient, Belle, but also reunite her with Hannah, the woman she loved.



Love on the Cards

Short Film

Tess is down on her luck – her girlfriend has left her, she has lost her job and without an income, she will soon be homeless.

On the way to a job interview, heavy snowfall forces her to seek cover. She heads to the nearest place available – a Tarot and Tea shop, totally unaware that what is revealed in the cards for her future is just the beginning.


Pinky Promise

Short Film

The story follows the central protagonist Peter, who encounters a young girl throwing a tantrum at the hair salon next to the hospital, little does he know that this girl's plight will strike close to home. Her name is Amanda, and she has been diagnosed with leukemia. After making a deal to cut each other's hair, these two unlikely characters strike a friendship that will support them through what lies ahead.



Feature Film 

A new feature film from producer Anthony Vander, writer Joe Harvey (both Sweetboy) and director Nathan Hannawin (Sleaford Mods - Invisible Britain). Scales is a tense, claustrophobic drama that spends one evening with four characters, who are trapped in a combustible boiling pot of an apartment.



Web Series

Another body has been found in the heart of London. No forced entry: Check. No signs of a struggle:  Check. Genital mutilation: Check. Cryptic messages from an anonymous sender: Check.

The death of ADRIAN DAVINSKI leads detectives JAMES HARRIS and EMMANUELLE GRANT on a mission to put an end to these killings, but this series of gruesome murders will push them to breaking point. 
Everyone has an ego, but at what price does it come?




Feature Film (Director of Photography)

2018: neo-fascism has taken over. The Government implements a program to chip the population of the UK. Eloise (Shona McWilliams) a documentary film-maker suspects she is being brainwashed by a secret Government organisation. 
"Even if you thought you knew the truth, you wouldn't be close."
Featuring; Ian Hart, Jean-Marc Barr, Jack Roth, Jamie Beddard, Tim Bentinck, Jason Williamson, Shona McWilliams and The Artist Taxi Driver. Directed by Andrew Tiernan.


I Will Never Run

Short Film

Ever have the feeling of isolation, repetition and waking up day after day with no end in sight? Having no one to blame for himself, a man alone tries to break this cycle before times runs out.

Independent short written, produced & directed by Nathan Hannawin and starring Tim Butcher.


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